Lamb Ideas

Our March bulletin board goes along with the theme of lions and lambs. Each child cuts a large lamb from preprinted white paper, colors the face and feet, and glues lots of cotton balls to the body. When these dry, I put them on a purple background, and add the words “I am Jesus’ Little Lamb”. This is also our song of the month, and I have printed the words to the song and some graphics out, mounted them on coordinating construction paper, and laminated them. They go in the corner of the display. Another board that could use lambs is “I’m not Lion… Jesus loves me”. For this one, children could make lions from paper plates, add sticky tape in mane colors, and add wiggle eyes.

We learned several nursery rhymes about sheep–Little Bo Peep, Mary had a Little Lamb and Baa Baa Black sheep. I made small tagboard sheep and put each child’s name on a sheep. I then hid them around the room (under the table, behind the door, in the blocks, etc.) I then gave each child verbal instructions where to find their sheep. It really reinforced listening skills and they really had fun playing the game.

Necessity being the mother of invention I made up this flannel board to do with the children who come to my story time. I made 5 little sheep, a mother sheep, and a large cradle that they could rest in. I put the lambs at the top of the board with the Mama sheep and the cradle at the bottom. I say the rhyme over and over again removing one sheep at a time until they are all “asleep” in the cradle.

Little sheep, little sheep

run, run, run

Playing all morning in the bright, hot sun Baa, baa, baa, says Mama sheep Come take your nap; it’s time to sleep.