Ladybug Ideas

“The Grouchy Ladybug” Telling Time Materials 1 large red paper circle 1 smaller black paper circle 6 black paper strips a brass fastener 2 paper “arms” with points on the end. Black crayon or marker On one side of the red paper draw numbers as they appear on a clock. On the other draw ladybug spots. Attach the black strips for legs and the black circle for a head. Attach the “arms” of the clock with the brass fastener. As you read the story have the children adjust their grouchy ladybug clocks to the time in the story. This works best if you model it or have a big book where the children can see the clock better.

Ladybug Scene

You need a white piece of white construction paper. Have the children take different shades of green construction paper and tear stripes out of them so that they resemble blades of grass. Have the children glue on the grass onto the white paper. Then you have them press their fingertips on a red ink pad and then onto the paper. They can put as many “ladybugs” on as they want to. After they are done putting their ladybugs on, give them a black thin pointed marker to put their spots onto their ladybugs.