Kitten Ideas

For a winter bulletin board during a folk tale and fairy tale unit. I chose to use the three little kittens– “It is cold better find your mittens?” I put the three kittens at the top. I used large circles drawn from a plastic tub bottom for the faces added ears, face and small paws sticking out under the circle. Each child in my class was given a piece of paper. They added a couple of small drops of paint to the center then folded and pressed the paper. This created a mirror image print. Then I traced a mitten onto the outside of one side of the paper. When you cut the mitten while folded it creates an identical set of mittens. Then you put them up on the board. Staple one from each set to match to. You could then hang the second mittens from strings at the bottom of the board. Our board is in a central location and we were afraid the mittens would be truly lost from accidental bumps as the students age birth to 5 moved down the hallway. So we used Velcro instead. The children enjoyed matching the mittens over and over again.