Jungle Ideas

Rain Shakers

First color rice by filling a gallon size zip lock bag 1/4 full drip about 4 drops of desired color of food coloring on the rice, close the bag and knead until you get the desired color. Make around four or five different colors. Take an empty 20 0z. clear plastic bottle and fill it 1/4 full of colored rice. Close the lid real tight. Put a little poem on the bottle that says, Shake this rain shaker up and down to hear the rains pitter-patter sounds. Have the children shake their rain shakers all together and it sounds like it’s raining in your jungle!

Lion Masks…Using a medium sized brown paper bag, cut a horseshoe shaped hole from the front of the bag (this will be wear their face goes). Then have the children curl strips of orange and yellow paper for the hair and small black strips for the whiskers. They glue the hair strips around the top of the face (curved side) in alternating colors. The whiskers go on either side of the face. Very cute!

“A Tumble in the Jungle” Storyboard

I teach a 4 year old class and the kids loved the idea of making up their own story. For the Jungle theme I used an old hunter green sheet as a background. Before hand I cut out various animals related to the Jungle theme out of magazines and construction paper and also made various cut-outs such as trees, pools of water, rocks, vines, etc… I used long strips of white paper to use as a storyline. During story time, rather than read a story, I allowed the children to tape the pictures to the sheet. Then we would talk about what was happening in our jungle and I would write their story lines on the strips of paper. The kids had a great time using their imaginations!

In my 4 year old class, we have a safari week. We cut out grocery sized paper bags into vest shapes. We sponge paint them to look like they are camouflaged. We make binoculars from a paper towel tube (cut in half, staple together, cover with construction paper and decorate) I bring in jungle beanie babies and hide them around the room. We then hunt for the animals. I also hang crepe paper streamers and have the children cut out leaf shapes. This is hung over our doorway, so the students enter the jungle as they come in the classroom.

The children all made different types of animals to hang throughout the center. We then made binoculars (toiler paper tubes) and went on a safari. It was great fun.