Ice Cream Ideas

I’ve done a chocolate sundae craft with an ice cream unit. You’ll need a clear, plastic, punch-type glass, a Styrofoam ball per child, red pom poms (cherries) and a mixture of brown tempera liquid and brown tempera powder. The “chocolate sauce” can be made thick with the powder. Get the Styrofoam ball glued into the cup, pour the chocolate sauce over the top, add the cherry, and VOILA! A chocolate sundae!

Sundae swim: Items needed, pool, ice cream, toppings (watch for allergies) and a hose nearby. Have children add their toppings to the sundae pool and after they are done scoop some in a bowl for a snack. Afterwards, let the children play one at a time in the pool (tell them not to eat it) hose them off after. We did this with 4-5 year olds and they had a great time rolling in it and playing. What a sight!

Cutting/Language Lesson: Give each child a cone shape cut out of brown paper. Provide circles (scoops of ice cream) to trace onto a variety of colors of paper and have them cut them out. Tell children they can have as many scoops of ice cream on their cone as want to cut out. They are motivated to cut a lot as they want lots of ice cream on their cone. Have them glue their cone at the bottom of a tall piece of paper. Let them choose the length. Glue the scoops of ice cream on top of their cone making a tall cone. Let them count how many scoops they have and also name the flavors they have chosen. If they want you to, write the names of the flavors they have named to you next to or on the “scoops”.

Ice Cream Prop box- On of our teachers came up with this neat idea. She MADE several pom-poms (“ice cream scoops”) from appropriately colored yarn. Cones were made from rolled poster board covered in tan felt. She also made strawberries and bananas out of stuffed felt. She added a small container of small pom-poms that are used as cherries. Baskin-Robbins donated spoons and containers for the ice cream scoops. The kids love it!

Make an ice cream shop in dramatic. Children and teacher can make a cooler by painting a big box. The teacher can cut holes in the top of the box. Children can pretend to scoop ice cream out of these holes. (covers or clear wrap can be put over the holes as little doors.) Also have children make menus and signs for their ice cream shop. Provide dishes, spoons, cash register, pads of paper, pencils…

Make an estimating sundae out of Crisco or lard. First get a big dish. Than scoop as many scoops of Crisco into the dish with an ice cream scoop (you may want to freeze the Crisco first, so it is easier to scoop). Add fake bananas, nuts, cherries, sauces or anything else you can think of. Remember the number of everything that was put on the sundae and ask the children how many scoops of ice cream do they think there is. Also ask how many cherries, nuts, bananas, spoons…

Cut out enough sundae dishes, brown, pink and white circles (for scoops of ice cream) and small red circles (for a cherry) for each child in your class. Write each child’s name on a sundae dish and place them on a bulletin board. When you catch a child “being good,” add a piece of the sundae. When they earn all the pieces, reward them with a ice cream cup or Popsicle.

Put empty ice cream cartoons and ice cream scoops in your dramatic play area. Add empty containers of chocolate syrup and whipped topping. Include an “ice cream” hat made out of white construction paper folded in half the long way and stapled on each short end. Make ice cream cones out of rolled brown construction paper.

For a math manipulative: Cut ten cones out of brown paper. Number them 1 through 10. Now, make colored scoops of ice cream out of all different colors of paper. Cover cones and scoops with clear contact paper or have them laminated. The children match the number of scoops with the number on the cones.