Health & Nutrition Ideas

Read this story to the students:

Sammy and his mother lived together in a house they built at the bottom over the tallest evergreen tree in the forest. Sammy’s mother had to visit her sister on Sunday, so she had to leave Sammy alone for several days. Before she left she told Sammy, “ Watch what you eat. Eat healthy foods. Don’t just eat sweet snacks or you get very sick.” Sammy’s mother made sure she told this to Sammy because he never liked to eat healthy. He always ate too many sweet snacks and got sick. After Sammy’s mother left, he got hungry and went to find some healthy food just like his mother told him. On Sunday he ate one apple, but he was still hungry. On Monday he ate one piece of bread, but he was still hungry. On Tuesday he ate one plum, but he was still hungry. On Wednesday he ate one piece of salami, but he was still hungry. On Thursday he ate one pear, but he was still hungry. On Friday he ate one pickle, but he was still hungry. On Saturday he ate one slice of watermelon, but he was still hungry. On Sunday he ate one strawberry, but he was till hungry. On Monday he ate one piece of Swiss cheese, but he was still hungry. On Tuesday he ate one orange, but he was still hungry. On Tuesday he ate one sausage, but he was still hungry. On Wednesday he was so hungry that he had forgotten what his mother said about eating too many sweets. That day he ate one lollipop, one cupcake, one slice of cherry pie, one ice cream cone, and one piece of chocolate cake. The next Sammy was very sick. His tummy hurt really badly and he could not eat anything. The next day his mother came home and Sammy was still sick. Right away his mother knew what was wrong Sammy ate too many sweets. So she gave Sammy some medicine and sent him to bed. The next day Sammy woke up and promised he would never eat too many sweets again because he did not want to be sick anymore.

As you read the story hold up a caterpillar puppet. Cut out of construction paper all the foods Sammy ate. Make a hole big enough to fit around your wrist in the center of each piece of food. Have the students bring up the foods Sammy ate by putting them around your wrist while reading the story. After you have finished the story show the students a poster of the food pyramid and explain to them what it is and how much of each food you should eat in order to stay healthy. Next have a blank poster of the food pyramid. Cut out small versions of the foods Sammy ate in the story. Place Velcro on the blank food pyramid and small food pieces so they will stick. Have the students bring up the small pieces of food and place them under the correct category on the blank food pyramid. Then have the students decide if the piece they brought up was healthy or not. After all the food pieces are placed on the pyramid discuss why Sammy got sick, what foods he ate too much of, and what foods he did not eat eat enough of.

To help teach my 4 year olds to set the table, I traced the toy dishes, napkin, spoon, fork and knife on to a piece of construction paper and then laminated it. Now when they want to set the table all they have to do is set out the placemats and fill in the blanks.

Cut out pictures of all kinds of food and laminate them. Include packages from food as well. Have the students sort these food into healthy foods and not-so-healthy food. Explain that each food has some nutritional value. These can also be used to sort into food groups, or used for graphing of their favorite foods.

GERMS! A good way to teach young children about germs is to put a little bit of glitter on their hands at the beginning of the day. At the end of the day, have them look for all the places that got glitter on them ex. clothes, toys, other body parts. This activity gives them a better understanding of the spread of germs and why it is important to wash our hands.

Since it’s body week at our preschool I made our dramatic play The Healthy Choice Restaurant. The children are learning to set the table. Its so cute to watch them take each others orders. I put monopoly money in there and picked up some plastic food from dollar stores to put in there too. Their learning to print food names when they take each others orders. There is also tables and chairs, aprons, a fisher price kitchen and pencils and paper. I made menus too and laminated them. There is also a pretend phone. I put placemats and plastic forks and spoons and I picked up some extra napkins when I went to Wendy’s for supper. I know this is going to be a favorite for a while even after body week.