Frog Ideas

To make a frog puppet the kids will love, you will need 1 piece of green construction paper, cut in a circle about the size of a paper plate. Fold it in half, and glue it on a stick. Then put a bigger size wiggly eyes, a cotton ball nose a long tongue (red). It looks really cool when you curl the tongue to! They love it!

We read “The Big Wide Mouthed Frog” book one day and leave it at the listening center with a tape the rest of the week. During the week we make our puppet. To create frog puppets out of pudding/gelatin boxes. Wrap each box with paper-otherwise the paint will not stay on the box. Cut box nearly in half width ways-leaving one long side connected still. Then half each child insert his/her hand into the box and paint it green. The next day, add accordion folded legs to bottom and eyes on top. For our eyes we used cotton balls with black paper eyes in the center for a more 3D effect. Add a curled up red tongue in the mouth and your set. We then get into a group and read the book together using our puppets to say the words. It is cute and a hit for the parents as well.

During our frog theme we put green Jell-O jiggler squares in our sensory table to be “lily pads” and then added plastic frogs. The toddlers really enjoyed it.

Camping frogs: Find a cute frog picture and trace it on green construction paper. (Just have an outline) Let the children use their thumbs and stamp black speckles on the frogs. Then do the “Five Speckled Frog” song. Another variation is to trace a cute frog outline on white paper, have the children use their thumb and black a stamper pad and make the eyes, then use green tissue paper and tear small pieces and glue on for the body. I always mix glue and water and the children “paint” their picture first and then put their torn tissue paper on the glue.