Flower Ideas

When flower is our theme in my toddler classroom we give the children silk flowers to use while they play with play-dough. the children love to plant their flowers in the play-dough and you can add plastic bugs for even more fun!!!

“Dandy” lions
Using yellow construction paper, have the children trace a lion shaped head. Then have them make stems and leaves. Cut out and then glue all to blue paper to resemble a dandelion. Use yellow yarn to make the mane on the flower’s head.
Add face and details with crayons or markers. These should brighten up any room!

When spring rolls around the kids at the preschool that i teach at love all the flowers that begin to appear, so I involved the flowers in a way so they could count at the same time. It works best with roses or any flower that has pedals. Give each children a flower and have them pick of the pedals and count them as they go, see how many they have after all the pedals have been picked off. I kids really enjoyed it!

I teach Toddlers in a Therapeutic Child Treatment Center. When doing our Flowers unit in the spring, we “planted” fake flowers in our playground. Staff members put silk/plastic flowers by the stem in the sand and gravel. When the children went on the playground, they “picked” the flowers. They decided to re-plant the flowers and pick them again.