Fishing Ideas

Portholes-These look cute hanging from the ceiling, but take some finishing by an adult. Give the children a paper plate-have them do a collage on the inside of the bottom of a lake or ocean-have available green yarns, strings and pieces of tissue, sponge pieces, etc. Glue on a few goldfish crackers. Cut a hole in another paper plate-put blue saran wrap over the hole. Staple the edges together-insides facing. Hang from ceiling.

Safer Fishing Pole

Instead of using a dowel or ruler for a fishing pole, try using a plastic shower ring. The child can hold the ring, which has the string and magnet tied to it, and use it for fishing, just like a pole. This was also easier to manipulate for some of my children than a traditional pole.

Make a pond in dramatic play. First put down a sheet of blue bulletin board paper. Children can make rocks to go around it by covering boxes with paper bag paper and sponge painting them black. Children can also make stuffy fish to put in the pond. Add magnets to them and the children can fish for them using poles attached to magnets on a string. Also add ducks to the pond by coping duck pattern and attaching them to coffee cans covered with green paper. Children can have fun trying to throw bread (crumpled paper) into the coffee cans. For a science activity with this activity have children predict and experiment with different magnets to see which one is the strongest to put on their fish. Children can graph their answers to see which magnet is the strongest.