Fire Safety Ideas

My teacher assistant is a firefighter. She visited all the classes in our preschool, read a story on fire safety and then casually dressed in her rescue gear. The kids were amazed to see her change into this very strange looking ‘thing’. They were able to go to her and touch the outfit. They heard the oxygen sounds, and felt the cold air. She went over that if they ever see anyone dressed like this, that they are a helper, and not to hide from them. It was a great experience for the kids.

Besides the local fire companies, the Red Cross has a fire safety program with puppets of Big Bird, Elmo, etc. The kids loved this! After the presentation, we practiced stop, drop and roll. We also crawled under the parachute, pretending we were crawling under smoke. It was very educational and fun.

To make a really neat fire extinguisher for role play during fire prevention week (or occupations), Take a 2 liter soda bottle and red duct tape. Cover the whole bottle with the tape and paste on warning labels just like a real extinguisher has. Then using the duct tape apply a paper towel roll, that has been painted silver, and attach it to the top of the bottle (cut a hole in the tube for the neck of the bottle to fit through). Make sure you cut or poke a small hole through the bottom so if the children squeeze it the dent will pop out.


The children need to practice calling 9-1-1. Have the children dial the number on the telephones in the centers. Then practice during circle time with the song 9-1-1. They love showing you they can use the telephone. They have great success. Also label the telephones with tape and write 911 on the bottom to help them.

A great for your fire safety unit is ” No Dragons for Tea” by Jean Pendziwol. We read it and then made our own fire safety list, of course the last thing on our list, never invite a dragon to lunch.

I got this idea from a magazine (Family Fun) giving ideas on how to create a child themed birthday party. the particular theme that interested me was that of the firefighter.

I used the ideas inside my classroom in our unit on community helpers and fire safety. I turned an old refrigerator box into a fire truck and put it in the dramatic play area I used an old yellow raincoat for a fireman coat and bought plastic fireman hats at the Dollar Store. We then used old vacuum cleaner hoses and cut water hoses as water hoses to put out the fire. (They kids loved it). At the end of the unit we had a visit from the fire department each students was given fire safety badges and certificates. We also had a party complete with a fire truck cake. (The cake was fairly easy to make)

All you need to make the cake is: 1 baked 13 by 9 by 2 inch cake 6 cups of red frosting 1 cup gray frosting red M & M’s (inside wheels) 6 Oreo cookies (3 wheels each side) Pretzel rods & sticks (form ladder) 2 yellow gum drops (lights on top) 1 black jelly bean (horn on top) white chiclets (head lights) mini jawbreakers (controls) black shoestring licorice windows and side panels)

Firemen’s hat–Use large (12 x 18)piece of red paper. Cut out a semi-circle in the center (where the child’s head will go) Round the edges a bit. Keep a piece of the center cut, to go up, in the front (like a firemen’s helmet. The children may write 911 or a fire company name on it.