Eric Carle Ideas

Read the story “A very Hungry Caterpillar” to the children. Hold up a caterpillar puppet while reading the story to the children. Cut out of construction paper all the food the caterpillar ate in the story. Make a hole in these cutouts big enough to go around your wrist. As you read have the students bring up the food pieces and feed them to the caterpillar by putting them around your wrist.

The Mixed Up Chameleon I gave each child a chameleon and a piece from each animal that he wanted to become. As I read the book I asked the children to glue that animal piece on the chameleon. The children really had a lot of fun doing this and the projects came out wonderful.

The Very Quiet Cricket I am a Pre-K teacher and I use this story to introduce and reinforce our school rule of no talking in the halls. I read the story, which the children love. Afterwards, I explain that only adult boy(male) crickets can make a sound. I then discuss with them that in our class, we do not have any adult(grown-up) boys so when we are in the halls, we are all “quiet little crickets, not a sound.” The children love pretending to be “quiet little crickets.” If they need a reminder, I simply refer to them as “my quiet little crickets.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Dramatic Play

You will need large sheets of bulletin board paper or large cardboard boxes and a sheet.

With the large pieces of paper or cardboard boxes draw the different foods that the caterpillar eats during the story you can have your class help paint. Cut a hole in the bottom similar to a tunnel opening large enough for the children in you class to crawl through. Then as you read the story have the children act the story out. When you come to the part where the caterpillar makes the cocoon, use the sheet to wrap around one of the children to illustrate, then have butterfly wings made for the end of the story.