Dragon Ideas

“The Popcorn Dragon” by Jane Thayer is a great book for preschoolers. It’s about playing nicely with others and not being a showoff. I always follow it with a snack of popcorn and green “dragon” kool-aid. If you can get the kind of popcorn that’s still on the cob, even better! It’s fun to show the kids the popcorn “before & after”. A hot air popper would achieve the same effect, and they could watch the popcorn pop.

DRAGON SOCK PUPPET Here’s what you need: an old sock red felt scrap fabric, buttons, rick-rack, ribbon, etc. glue

Here’s what you do: Cut out an oval shape from the felt; this will be the dragons mouth. Then cut out eyes and ears from fabric scraps. Place your hand in the sock four fingers on top and thumb on the bottom, use your other hand to press in between fingers and thumb to make a mouth. Glue the felt into the mouth, glue on eyes and ears. You can add any features you want your dragon to have. This would be great to use when telling stories about dragons to your class!

If you have a full 8 1/2 x 11 picture of a dragon face (for Chinese New Year) or other animal or mask, children can color the picture, cut it out, and mount it on light weight poster board. Then carefully cut the eyes, showing children how to first poke the hole without poking yourself. Then cut around the face, use a hole puncher on the sides, and attach a double string of yarn.

Some great Dragon Books… Anna and the Little Green Dragon The Popcorn Dragon St George and the Dragon The Paper bag Princess