Dr. Seuss Ideas

I am a speech therapist and I have used Dr. Seuss the Foot Book with an Early Childhood/Preschool group and it works great. After reading the book, we trace each students foot and then measure to see whose is biggest. (Great for big, bigger, biggest.) At Easter time, you can make the foot that was traced into a rabbit. Put a cotton ball at the toe end and pink ears cut out and glued to the heel end. Draw a face and you have a great bunny. The kids love this!

After reading “Daisy-head Maisy” We make daisy headbands (with the flower at the back to resemble it growing out of the crown of their heads. We trace petals (white) and centers (yellow) and use green pipe cleaners for the stem and attach it to a construction paper headband. The kids love it.

When doing a unit on Dr. Seuss. I read the book Gertrude Mc Fuzz to my class. We talked about the different number of feathers Gertrude had. For art that day I had the children draw a bird, add two googly eyes and tell me how many feathers their bird needed. We then counted that number of feathers together and glued them on our birds.

At the preschool where I teach we have a “PJ Day” (the teachers and children wear their pajamas or sweats. “PJ Day” is the same day as Dr. Seuss’ Birthday so for snack we have green eggs and ham. We also watch a Dr. Seuss video of one of his books and also we read Dr. Seuss books. The children really enjoy wearing their PJs and watching/listening to Dr. Seuss.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Bash:

The children will dress up like the “Cat in the Hat” character from Dr. Seuss most famous book.

Their noses will be painted using black eye liner (along with whiskers)

A “CAT HAT” will be made out of Red & White construction paper.

Parents, administrators, other school friends as well as faculty will come in throughout the day to read their Favorite Dr. Seuss story.

Green Eggs and Ham will be made for snack: Green food coloring.