Dinosaur Ideas

Dinosaur Paper Plate Headdress

You will need 5-6 paper plates per child. (may need more/less depending on child’s height) Have children decorate their paper plates with crayons, paint, etc. Next fold all but one paper plate in half and tape or staple. Using the plate you did not fold, punch a hole on each side (this will be the top children will wear on their heads) Tie ribbon or yarn on each side (enough to tie together so their headdress will stay on) Next connect the folded plates together using hole punch & yarn or staple/tape. The rounded edges should all face the same direction. Once that’s done connect the dino “spikes” to the unfolded plate.

Give each child a dinosaur name. ie) Tomceratops, Jennyadon, Jimasaurus.

Fill half of a plastic Easter egg with play-do, then stick a small toy dinosaur in it. Fill the other half of the egg with play-do and then stick them together. Your kids will love to dig through the play-do looking for the dinosaur!

Make a paste of dry Ivory Snow detergent and water. Form it into an egg shape around a plastic dinosaur. When they’re dry, send them home. The eggs will “hatch” during bath time.

To really develop the idea of the meaning of extinct, we hang a sign up saying that cows have been placed on the endangered species list.. then several days later, another sign saying that cows have been declared extinct – what will you miss having?

Create Dinosaur World — Purchase two foam boards (used under siding) at your local home building center. These two boards were less than $3.00. They are about a 1/2 inch thick. Using a round or hexagon table. Join the two boards on the back side using duct tape. They will lay side by side on the table. Spray with adhesive and then start adding whatever you can think of to create your world. We took dirt out of the garden and sprinkled. We also took sand out of our sandbox. We gathered items on a walk around our building! We collected rocks, twigs from all types of plants (some with leaves and some without) and some bark chips from our playground. We made water from blue construction paper. It stuck to the adhesive very easily. We then created a mountain from brown play dough. We created a tar pit from glue and black paint and added chicken bones (clean). Finally we brought out the plastic dinosaurs and the language was flowing! Hope you have as much fun as we did!