Dinosaur Ideas

We use a K.W.L. chart to start our unit of dinosaurs. we put up a big piece of chart paper and write the letters KWL. K=what the child knows about dinosaurs (we write all those down). The W=what the children want to learn about dinosaurs. this helps us with our planning and L=what they learned about dinosaurs. This is a good learning tool. It shows them what they learned and what they didn’t know about dinosaurs. Very good tool to use for any unit.

Use an plastic baby bathtub filled with clean aquarium gravel or filler appropriate for your age group, add small plastic or rubber dinosaurs for a dinosaur environment.

The entire tub can be set inside the sensory table. Add other props per student’s interest.

I get different types of bones from the butcher shop. I boil and bake to kill the germs. We use the bones in our bone band. We play them to music and also make up our own rhythm patterns. The children really enjoy this. We wear our dinosaur hats when doing this activity.