Dinosaur Ideas

Dinosaur theme: when we study that unit we take earth and put into the water table, then we have the children fill the table with our dino toys. We also have plastic trees and we construct a dino Habitat. They children have fun with this and at the same time learn about Pre-historic life. We also read about Dinosaurs and play our dinosaur tape while the children are at the Sensory table.

Fill the touch table with cornmeal or very fine sand. take a floor puzzle of a dinosaur and hide the pieces in the table let each child go on a “dig” for a “fossil” of the dinosaur. they then can work together to piece the dino back together. as you do this you can explain that this is what scientist have to do when they find bones to figure out which dinosaur fossils they have found and to get an Date: 1-2-99 of what the dinosaur looked like.

For our dinosaur unit I purchased an adorable stuffed T-Rex. I took him home, and paper-machied him into an egg. I took him to school and told the children that I had found a real dinosaur egg. We watched and studied the egg for two days, then one day ti started to move ( a trick played by the teacher 🙂 We all sat on the floor and watched him hatch. The children were instantly in love with him and named him Chomper. He has since become our class mascot. On weekends the children take turns taking him home. We even have a journal to record Chompers adventures. The children look forward of what chomper did over the weekend. Everyone loves Chomper, he even visits other rooms.

A favorite book my preschoolers loved: “Mom, Can I Have a Stegosaurus, Please?”We read this book sometimes 2 or 3 times a day! Other Books we enjoyed:”The Berenstain Bears and the Missing Dinosaur Bone””Dinosaurs” A Pop-Up Book Published by Grandreams USA (This was a favorite!!)

Dinofour books are great!!!!!!!!! The author is Metzger. Look them up!

I wanted to submit a couple of books about dinosaurs that my preschoolers really enjoy: A step into reading book:

Dinosaur Babies by Lucille Recht Penner

The Day Of The Dinosaur by Jan and Stan Berenstain

Dinosaur Days Joyce Milton