Dinosaur Ideas

Rock Garden – Collect many different rocks (Thundereggs, pumice, agate, crystal, obsidian, river rock or slate). Place an inch and a half of water in the sensory tub. Place the rocks in the tub. Provide scrub brushes and dry towels. This is best done outdoors in the sun. The rocks quickly dry in the sun. My children love to see the colors come alive with the water. I use this with my dinosaur unit.

I work for a drop in playground program in Edmonton, AB, CA and we make Dino snouts. It is a paper cup with a triangle cut out of the closed end of the cup with construction paper teeth glued on. The cups can be painted or covered with paper and a string can be attached so they can be worn. The kids love to do Dino parades with their snouts and noises of their dinosaur after.

When we learned about dinosaurs we had a fun activity for the kids. Fill a water table and give the kids “islands” to float. We cut foam meat trays into different shapes for the islands. We then gave the kids plastic dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes. They then had to place the dinosaurs on the islands until they sank the island. Our kids had so much fun with this they still ask us to play and we did that theme 2 months ago!

I place a small plastic dino on an overhead projector, then I trace him on butcher paper taped to the wall. Afterwards, I have each student stand by him and write their name. Then we see how each measures up to the dino in size. Good for math, sizes, etc.

We are studying dinosaurs this week. We filled our water table with shaving cream and buried our plastic dinosaurs in it. The kids are having a great time!

Place aquarium gravel, several different sized rocks and some dinosaurs in a sensory table. Add additional items such as plastic trees, blue paper for water, etc.