Dental Health Ideas

Invite a dentist in to talk the children about his/her job, and about healthy dental habits. Afterwards invite your children to practice “brushing their teeth.” Cut a tooth shape out of construction paper. Give each child a toothbrush and some toothpaste (buy the really cheap multi-packs of toothbrushes & you will only need 1 tube of toothpaste). Invite the children to squeeze toothpaste on the toothbrush and then brush their paper tooth. The children love the smell of the toothpaste.

My assistant and I go to a local dentist office and get enough new toothbrushes for each child, and during “dental health week” one of us puts on a white lab jacket, and we discuss with the children the importance of brushing, flossing, etc….At the end of the week, we give each child a new toothbrush and a “travel” size tube of toothpaste. They love it!!!!

Toothpaste Putty (A Manipulative idea for Dental Month)

ingredients: 2.5 ml toothpaste (creamy, not gel) 5 ml of white glue 10 ml dry laundry starch 1 ml water

Combine and knead well.

This is a really soft “minty” putty. I work with the preschool age and the kids really enjoy it. Due to it being Easter time, the putty can be stored in the colorful plastic Easter eggs so each child can have their own putty. This recipe makes 1 egg of putty for 1 child.

Cut the bottom off of 2 liter coke bottles and spray paint them white. They will look like molars. Put them out in your sand and water table with toothbrushes and shaving crème or real toothpaste to practice brushing.

Marshmallow Mouth

Supplies needed: piece of tag board cut into a rectangle (about the size of your hand)- rounded at the corners, miniature marshmallows, glue, red marker

Glue the miniature marshmallows around the edges of the rectangle. When dry – fold the rectangle in half – it will look like a set of teeth. Use the red marker to make a tongue or you could use red construction paper or felt.

I Teach Kindergarten, and this is a project I use all year long. In September I cut out a large tooth for every month of the school year, and hang them in the class. As A child looses a tooth I write there name on the month. That day they can pick a treasure out of the box. The treasures are all sorts of things (stickers, pens, markers, stamps).