Day and Night Ideas

Phase of the moon crown

Cut strips of black bulletin board border to fit child’s head. Either precut or allow child to cut out shapes of white construction paper to illustrate full moon, half moon, quarter moon, and crescent moon. Spread the cut shapes with thinned glue and sprinkle silver glitter to cover. When dry, glue moon shapes to bulletin board border and fit headband to individual child. A sparkling headband!

Slumber Party:

Have the children come to school in sleepwear. Spend the day pretending it is night time. Serve a ‘dinner’ type snack, read bedtime stories, explore the world of nocturnal animals and swing shift workers. Address night time fears, etc.

Animal Habits:

Discuss and act out morning activities of selected animals (roosters crow, cows get milked, birds sing, etc.) Then repeat with what they do at night. Then discuss and act out activities of nocturnal animals (owls hoot, bats fly, raccoons hunt, etc.) Repeat with what they do in the day time.

When Do People Work?

Provide dress up items for firemen, policemen, doctors, nurses, grocery clerks, postmen, etc. Have two areas for play; one well lit, one dim. Act out when these workers work and sleep.

Day and Night:

In the dramatic play area provide day and night clothing, blankets, pillows, and pretend foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.

When we talk about Day and Night, we have a pajama day where all of the children (and some of the teachers) wear their pajamas to school. We have donuts or other breakfast food for snack and the kids are asked to bring their favorite book or stuffed animal. Most of the kids love to wear their p.j.’s to school!