Construction Ideas

Invite a construction worker to talk to the children about their job. Make sure they brings tools of the trade as well as coming dressed in work clothes complete with hard hat, work shoes, tool belt, etc. If you have a construction site close by be sure to visit it. We are undergoing construction of a new addition to our facility and plan on taking advantage of this by using construction as a theme this summer.

Make your own bricks out of paper grocery bags. First have the children color the bags to look like bricks. Then fill one bag with newspaper and then pull another bag over it to close it up. Make as many as you want, and let the children build with them. It’s fun to read the 3 little pigs and then have the children build their own brick house.

We first took the children on a walk near the school, having received permission from a nearby homeowner to ‘tromp’ all over her lawn while we examined a house close-up. We talked about the shingles, the windows, the lawn lamp, the outdoor electrical plug, house numbers, the fire hydrant and the cable box on the lawn, and so on, and on… Back at school, I drew a paper house that was approx. 4 feet square., on mural paper. The children cut black paper rectangles to glue on the roof (shingles), and glued on red ‘bricks’ that I had cut out. They drew windows and doors on the house. Someone drew a fire hydrant in front. They also drew the pipes under the house and a sewer grate. When they had finished, I had them dictate to me, their description of what each part was, and we attached this. They retained a LOT of information.

Hang yellow and black construction tape around your block area. Take construction paper and make a diamond “construction zone” sign. Put typical signs up that you would see on a construction sight, i.e. hard hat area etc.

Put caution tape around the walls of your block area and post signs, construction zone, hard hat area etc. It promotes literacy and adds dramatic play into the area. Put hard hats in the area, tool belts etc.