Community Helpers Ideas

I made the kitchen area of my room into a McDonald’s with two drive-thru’s (with scooters) and a variety of McDonald’s items. (You can go to local McDonald’s and ask managers to support your classroom…some are helpful and some are not.) McDonald’s menus can be made (to be put at the writing center), the children can circle what they want, and then the children can go over to the McDonald’s to give their order to their friends working in McDonald’s.

While I did my community and community helpers unit with my pre-k classroom i made a road on the rug with masking tape, the children were able to practice looking both ways and crossing the road in our classroom. They loved it!!

I have separated Housekeeping and Drama this year. Drama carries the theme of the community helper of the month. This month is “Teacher,” so I set up a miniature teaching center with calendar, color posters, finger puppets, books, small flag, etc. so that the children can pretend to be the teacher. If the helper is “Fireman,” I will make Drama a place with appropriate clothes, fire hose, etc.

For a fine motor center I used tweezers and gauze. The students had to use the tweezers to pick up the gauze and put it in a bowl of colored water. We later used the gauze to make a picture.

During community helpers week we talk about many community helpers, but we have noticed that some of our children feel left out because we can not talk about every parents occupation. We decided to include two days at the end of the unit for “occupation in a bag day” each child talks to their parents about their job and then they can bring in anything that fits in a brown bag to describe the mom or dads job, each child empties the bag at circle and wears the uniform or shows the rest of the class the items that mommy and daddy use at work, the children are always prepared to talk about the occupation and we are also there to help out, we have videotaped this and ran it on parents night and the parents love it.

On Valentines day let your preschoolers compose a letter to a parent or to other adults in the administrative part of your program. Show children how they must first put an address on the envelope and then put on stamp. Take children to mail the letters. Be sure to let parents or other adults know they need to respond. Let children go check mail each day to receive their very on mail. This idea went great with our preschoolers in Waynesville N. C.