Color Ideas

I teach 2’s and 3’s. Every month in the 2’s class we do a color. This month is purple. I turn my room into Purpleville. I cover the door in purple, and put up a sign saying “Welcome to Purpleville”. I hang up purple streamers, purple balloons and purple borders on the bulletin boards. The children make lots of purple pictures such as collages, finger-paint pictures and purple painting on the easels to add more purple to purpleville. By the middle of the month everything is coming up purple. The children love it and it is very catchy.

My classes make a “color” book for each color of our rainbow. We simply call it “Our red book”, or “Our blue book.” etc. When doing a particular color, I provide only that color to draw on white paper what their favorite thing is for that color. It is fun to gather markers, crayons,. colored pencils, paint markers, etc. to add dimension to the book. I then gather the papers and staple them together with the same color of construction paper for the cover. We then read the book at circle time. The kids always love it.

I work with young toddlers, and I have found that they like to get messy. We were talking about colors, they weren’t many yellow things in our room, so I made yellow Jell-O and let them play with it (and eat it!) in the sensory table, they loved it!

Bring something familiar into your classroom to teach colors…Sesame Street characters. Cut paper plates into the shapes of Bert’s, Ernie’s, Elmo’s heads, etc. and have them finger paint with appropriate color. (Can also mix colors to show red + yellow = orange). Pre-cut facial features and glue when dry. Very easy & very popular with kids. Can also use with multicultural theme “Friends come in many different colors!”

Take some shaving cream and put it in a bag. Then put paint in it and seal it up. Let the child mix up the colors with the shaving cream and they can see how it feels.