Clothespin Ideas

In order to build hand strength for some of my students I developed a different way to sign-in in the beginning of the day. I made a large wheel out of foam board for (to be sturdy) and lined the outside of the wheel with colored electrical tape. Around the outside of the wheel I placed pieces of Velcro so I could have the children put their names or pictures on the board. Taking turns, each child had to “sign-in” by putting a cloths pin on the outside of the wheel next to their name. You can mount the whole wheel on anther board or my husband made me a A-frame out of wood. I’m not sure what is more fun for my students, spinning the wheel or placing the clothespin in the correct place on the wheel.

The clothespin theme would be great when used with the book Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash.

Hanging out the laundry! I brought in my daughters Little Tykes washer/dryer, a basket of clothespins and all of her doll clothes and small plastic white baskets for laundry baskets. The kids took turns washing their doll clothes and hanging them out to dry. When they ran out of clothes they had to go back and take the “dry” laundry down. This is a excellent activity for turn taking and practicing the pincer grasp.