Clifford Ideas

I have collected Clifford puzzles, finger puppets, workbooks, reading books, stickers, etc. through the years. I use the puppets with the puppet stage for language activities. We either reenact stories that we have read about Clifford or the children make up their own story and act it out.

The puzzles are for fine motor and the stickers can be used to make lotto games. color “red”.

We pretend to go to the veterinarian.

We use red Jell-O and make jigglers using dog cookie cutter shapes .

For “Clifford Week”, we got a big cardboard TV box and let the children paint it red, with watered-down tempera paint. This was our dog house. We cut a hole for entry and put a “Clifford” sign over the door (for literacy awareness). Then each child made Clifford “ears” to wear, by cutting out red oval ears (fine motor). The teachers stapled them onto a red headband. Children who wanted a black Clifford nose had a smudge of burned cork added to their own nose. We took digital pictures of each child peeking out of the doghouse, wearing his or her Clifford “ears” (self esteem).

Cut a door in a large TV box to make a doghouse. Cover with red roll paper. Put on a black roof and Clifford in black letters. Fill your doghouse with a stuffed Clifford and Clifford books. You have a great reading area.

I have my dramatic play area reflect the theme we are studying if at all possible. For example, while doing a unit on Clifford, the Big Red Dog, I put a Dr. Kit along with a leash, dog toys, dog bones and some stuffed animal dogs in the dramatic play area. The kids could then pretend to be a vet, or to just take their pet for a walk.