Circus Ideas

At the Christian preschool where I teach 3 year olds, we decorate our rooms for Open House based on themes. This year I have chosen “Welcome to Our Circus.”

My door will say “Pop on in to Pre-K” with a popcorn machine and each child’s name on a piece of popcorn. For a BB idea I will use a plastic table cloth from the dollar store to make a circus tent. Just cut the table cloth down the middle, leaving it together at one end. Take the end that is still together and staple it to the top of the BB. Pull back both sides to open the tent and use bright paper for the background. You can add a clown holding a bunch of balloons with a child’s name on each balloon. Other display ideas include: “Clowning around at Pre-K” with picture of each child (dressed in clown wig and nose, fairly cheap items at costume shop) stapled to a balloon held by a clown/ “Work to Roar About” picture of lion and lion tamer with child’s work around it/ “Happy Birthday” clown with balloons, each child’s name and birthday on balloon/ “Have a Ball at Pre-K” clown juggling, with each child’s name on ball/ “Here’s the Scoop” an announcement BB with picture of ice cream cones, small cones with announcements on scoop/ “Jesus… How Sweet He Is” each child’s name on circus food cut-outs such as cotton candy, caramel apples, popcorn, peanuts, ice cream (clip at books have a ton of patterns for this and may give you other BB ideas)/ “We’re nuts about Jesus” picture of circus elephant and peanuts (can add names on peanuts) I have had an opportunity to use each of these ideas in the past and they have all been a big hit. My list goes on and on. Contact me, I’m an open book!

Collect a box of colorful scarves.

Give 2 scarves to each child. Instruct the child to “throw throw catch catch”. Now he is juggling. This idea will spark tons of other juggling with scarves ideas.

Our special ed kindergarten class performed a circus for other students and families. We had a tight-rope walker, balance beam or tape of the floor can be used. Make sure you have a small umbrella for balance! Clowns came out with whip cream pies to throw them at clown face cut outs taped to the wall. A mat was pulled out for our terrific tumblers, and we used our trapeze swing for our daring trapeze artist. We used a moveable staircase and a small pit of balls for our high diver and created a small ramp covered with black butcher block paper and a scoter for our human cannon ball. We had a tattoo lady, a lion who jumped through hoops, a beautiful lady parade, and a strong man. The weights were made from a wrapping paper tube and black balloons. Those who were shy about “performing” took tickets and sold popcorn (made earlier and bagged) and cotton candy we had donated. The show was a great success. The kids loved practicing and performing and the audience went wild with applause. Of course one teacher was the ringmaster, another the lion tamer and other support staff took the job of crowd control. We had shirts made that said “security” on the back! A wonderful time was had by all!!!

Funny Clown Bows
Materials: One 7X12 in. piece tissue paper, gift-wrap, or construction paper, ruler, tape, 1 pipe cleaner.

Place the tissue paper on the work surface so one of the long sides is closest to you. Make a fold on a long side 1/2 in. from the edge. Press hard to make the fold stay in place. Turn the paper over and make another fold about 1/2 in. from first fold. Turn and fold again and again until all the paper is folded. Wrap a piece of tape around the center of the folded paper. Unfold the ends to make the bow. Bend the pipe cleaner into the shape of the letter C. Tape the center of the pipe cleaner to the center of the bow. Wear bow around your neck as a clown’s bow tie or in your hair as a headband.

Circus Cup Puppets

Materials Paper cups ( in a variety of colors) Construction paper Yarn Cotton balls Pipe cleaners Felt and other craft supplies Large craft sticks Scissors, glue, markers, etc.

1. With scissors (adult job) cut slit in bottom of paper cup the width of a craft stick. 2. Place stick in slit and glue 1 circle of construction paper on each side of stick to form head. Decorate as desired. Suggestions…pipe cleaners for arms…cotton balls for hair. Buttons, etc…

Pom-pom Nose
Clown Materials: Paper plate, construction paper, round balloon, crayons &/or markers, yarn

Cut a large triangle from construction paper and decorate as desired. Attach triangle to the top of the paper plate as a hat. Draw a clown face minus the nose. Yarn may be used for hair. Poke a hole in the center of the clown face and insert the tied end of the pom-pom A little tape on the back will make sure it stays in place.