Castle Ideas

Take 8 to 10 containers or various sizes and fill them (I filled mine a little over halfway) with water and then use food coloring to color them. You can stick to primary colors or mix them to make all sorts of colors. Then freeze them. I put mine outside, but you may have to use the freezer. The next day we used them to build a castle out of ice, easily seen from the window of the nursery. I had the kids help me with each stage of this and they loved it!

Block area- Put pictures of castles in your block area, and encourage children to build their own castles.

Dramatic Area
Material needed: Large refrigerator box, dress up clothes, pretend jewelry, music, plastic food, Box cutter (for you to use) and a marker.

Procedure: Cut one side of the box from top to bottom . Open the box up straight ,with a black marker draw the shape of the castle on the top of the box. With a box cutter cut out leaving the shape of the castle on the box. Also cut out a door big enough for children to be seen and for them to go through. place the box at the edge of the dramatic play area .On the other side of the box Have a table fixed up as a feast with food. Play music at this area. Children will have fun they can dress up and pretend to be attending a ball at the castle. They can dance with each other. Prior to this you may have children paint the box to make it even more special and to give it some color. Used prom dresses or other dresses are nice for this prop. The boys can use capes made out of material or a inexpensive cape can be made out of a old colorful shirt (cutting the front of the shirt and leaving the collar for children to wear as a cape .Remember to add some King jewelry too. Have fun and if you need help email me .

Consider a castle theme. This started as emergent curriculum from our community study. We had the children use boxes, paper cones (like the ones on water coolers,) and lots and lots of cardboard tubes to make a castle. They painted the castle with sponge rollers and tempera paint in pastel colors. We have strung colored macaroni for “jewels” and made crowns with sequins for more jewels. Some children made princess hats out of cone shaped paper. We turned chairs into thrones by adding a pillow and tin foil covered toilet tissue tubes. We made horses with a long wrapping paper tube, paper bag, yarn and markers. We are making costumes out of old pillow cases with head and arm holes cut out. Use your own and the kids imagination and this may well be your favorite theme too! Finish up with a castle feast party inviting all your parents to see the kids dressed up. Don’t forget a wide selection of fairy tale books e.g. Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Princess and the Pea, Cinderella etc.

Turn your dramatic play center into a castle. Cut one side off a large appliance box (refrigerator size) open to stand. Then cut top to resemble a castle. You can cut windows and doors too. Provide the children with old formal dresses and suits to dress up. They can also make crowns and “jewels” with plastic beads, sequins and construction paper. We use this center during October and the kids love it!