Camping Ideas

Make a pond in dramatic play. First put down a sheet of blue bulletin board paper. Children can make rocks to go around it by covering boxes with paper bag paper and sponge painting them black. Children can also make stuffy fish to put in the pond. Add magnets to them and the children can fish for them using poles attached to magnets on a string. Also add ducks to the pond by coping duck pattern and attaching them to coffee cans covered with green paper. Children can have fun trying to throw bread (crumpled paper) into the coffee cans. For a science activity with this activity have children predict and experiment with different magnets to see which one is the strongest to put on their fish. Children can graph their answers to see which magnet is the strongest.

Allow the children to have nap time in sleeping bags around a pretend campfire.

We did a camping theme throughout the pre-school. To begin, we asked a parent to donate a tent for the week, set it up on the playground; I also have a small one I set up in my classroom they could read books, work puzzles, puppet play, and nap in. I had a Dad come in and dig a pit out side, he got a little extravagant with the pit, but a simple whole in the ground with large rocks or cement blocks work well too. With this, we built a fire and each child (3 – 5 years) got to roast a marshmallow and make ‘smores. We read camping trip stories, I let the children tell their own ‘Campfire Stories’ we sang songs around the campfire, and the children got to bring their sleeping bags to school for nap time (inside of course). For Art, you can give the children tooth picks, small stones, sand, grass, small sticks… and let them build a campsite on paper. Also, for Language, let each child tell you what they would take on a camping trip, and make it into a book, with the children illustrating the pages. Happy Camping!

In the dramatic play area, put rolled up newspapers that are painted brown for campfire logs along with colored tissue paper for campfire. Also put up a tent, sleeping bags, packsacs, empty food containers, coolers, bathing suits + accessories, sticks with paper maché marshmallows, etc.

In the dramatic play area, I put out a sleeping bag with the flannel side out. I also made a “camp fire” with pieces of wrapping paper tubes. I glued three pieces in a triangle and sponge painted them orange and yellow for “fire.” On top of that i put a small wire cooling rack. I put out some of the camping mess kits I had and some fake food. I also had flannel shirts and bandana in the area