Bubble Ideas

You will need a plastic cup, a straw, pieces of cloth big enough to cover the top of the cup, and bubble solution. First, cut a slit about 3/4 of the way down on the cup, cover the top of cup with the material using a rubber band. Place the straw through the slit, next, dip top of the cloth covered cup into a bowl of bubble solution. (lightly, a little goes a long way). Now, blow, and make wonderful bubbles!!

Blowing Color Bubbles

Materials Needed: typing paper food coloring water dish detergent (Palmolive) straw

In a big bowl place one spoonful of the dish detergent. Place the bowl under running water. Place a few drops of food coloring. have children blow through the straw (make sure they do not drink it!!!) Bubbles should start appearing place the paper gently over the bubbles (it should leave a bubble print)

More you can do: Add different colors (food coloring) have children vary the colors.

Bubble cups – Save enough small margarine cups one for each child. Use a hole punch to punch a hole near the edge of the lid on one side and then another directly across from it. Fill the cup half way with water and a few squirts of dish soap. Cover, place a straw in one hole and blow. Bubbles will flow out the empty hole. Be sure to do this activity outside so the bubbles can drop to the ground and wash away.

This is fun to do any time but we enjoy it during fantasy and bubble week. Use a small electric fan and let the children take turns holding the bubble wand in front of it. It makes the room full of bubbles. Let the other children pop the bubbles but only from sitting position.

No Tear Bubbles

Mix 12 cups of water with 4 tables spoons of glycerin. Add 1 cup of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and mix. You can add food coloring for colorful bubbles!


Start with homemade bubble solution:

3 cups water1 cup dish soap1/4 cup corn syrup

Mix all ingredients and let sit overnight.

For tiny bubbles, dip a flyswatter into the solution and shake. For giant bubbles, pour solution into a wading pool (add more if needed). Add a hula hoop to the bottom of the pool. Take off your shoes and socks and step in. Pull the hula hoop up to your shoulders, or over your head. You will be inside a giant bubble!

Thread a piece of yarn through two drinking straws. Tie the yarn in a knot. Hold the straws as handles and immerse in bubble solution. Slowly lift up and you will have a bubble sheet. Gently move your arms up and down and the bubble will rise and fall.

I duct taped a 4 foot by 2 foot. Sheet of “bubble pack” to our paneled wall. I laid four wooden mallets (that we use for clay) under it. 20 months- four years old really enjoyed banging away with no damage to the wall. This can also be done on a table.

Try this bubble solution out! Mix 12 cups of water, 3-4 tablespoons of glycerin (available at pharmacies) and 1 cup of DAWN or JOY dishwashing liquid. It gets better as it ages- like most of us!

Cut about 5 inch long plastic piping (found at home depot). Then cover one end of the piping by securing cheese cloth over the opening w/a rubber band. Take bubble solution and dip only the cheese cloth covered side in. Gently have the children blow into the other end of the piping. Very different from typical bubbles will form. This makes it interesting to talk about, watch, and play with.