Memorial Day Curriculum Ideas

You have your child cut out a square out of the construction paper, color like an American Flag. Cut another square of construction paper. Put Popsicle stick in between the squares. Staple together. Now make a parade!

This is what you need.

Construction paper
(white) popsicle sticks
crayons (red,white,blue)

Create a flag for the classroom with children’s hand prints. Using Red, White, Yellow and Blue paints you can have children do rows of colors to represent the stars and stripes. Your message can be “Thanks for the helping hand” An awesome way to celebrate the lives of veterans!

Make red and blue Jell-O with cool whip with the children. They love to stir and mix things this allows them to be active in their snack time.

Ok…….this is soooooo cool!!! I did this for Memorial Day. Here is what you will need:

1 cookie sheet
1 shallow, square container
1 piece of poster board
Cherry tomatoes
Cauliflower stalks

Have the children help you wash the cherry tomatoes, cauliflower stalks, and blueberries.

Put the blueberries in the shallow container. Place it on the cookie sheet in the upper left-hand corner.

Cut the poster board so it goes from the edge of the shallow container to the edge of the cookie sheet. You will also need several pieces of poster board that goes spans the entire length of the cookie sheet.

Place one of the pieces of poster board about two inches down from the top of the cookie sheet and have the children fill the space with tomatoes.

Take another piece of poster board and place it two inches down and fill the space with cauliflower. Keep alternating tomatoes and cauliflower until you get to the end of the cookie sheet.

Viola!!!!!!! Now, you have a yummy American flag! You can also cut star fruit and place them on top of the blueberries for added fun.

We homeschool and for Memorial Day we have put up a flag to remember all the soldiers who have served our country. Also, I like the idea of remembering people or events that have been special. The kids draw a picture of someone or something they would like to remember.