May Day Art

I let the kids cover a paper towel roll with construction paper and decorate with flower stickers. The I let them glue strands of tissue paper or yarn and attach flowers they have made on the ends…it’s their own May Day Pole and they love it!

May Day Crown:

materials: plastic hoop (from craft store) or paper plate with middle cut out, flower patterns, ribbon, crayons or markers, glue, hot glue gun.

  1. children color flower patterns and glue around perimeter of hoop or paper plate

2. teacher hot glues ribbon bow to hoop or paper plate When the “crowns” are dry, the children may wear them as they dance around the May Pole (broom or long cardboard tube with streamers attached).

May Day Baskets Supplies: cup holders (party type that holds mint and nuts), pipe cleaner, blocks of foam you for flower arrangements, and colored tissue paper.

Adult first cuts and fit the foam into cup. Then cut the pipe cleaners to be the handles of basket. Have the tissue paper cut up in small squares. Have the child use the eraser head on a pencil and wrap the little square of tissue paper around it, dip in glue and add to the foam. Don’t forget to add the handle and you now have a field of flowers in your May basket.

Make flowers out of tissue paper and pipe cleaners. layer tissue paper so you have at least three layers fold it like you would a fan. Place a pipe cleaner in the middle and twist. Now pull the paper apart and shape like a flower. Use strawberry baskets to make may baskets and fill with the tissue flowers. Or you can use a vase (empty soda bottle) Give as a May day gift to someone you love.