Martin Luther King Jr. Day Art

I make a long paper doll chain, 1 person for each child including myself. We all lay on the floor and color ourselves. “We are all friends”.

We have the children in our class color a picture of the globe. We then have them glue it onto a blue piece of construction paper. We then have them glue people shapes out of various colors to represent different races. On the top we write “I have a dream”.

have different color construction paper cut in strips cut out medium size hearts to glue on front of strips. talk to the children about Martin Luther King’s dream of everyone loving each other

What we did to promote peace was to take a very large piece of bulletin board paper and cut it up into a bunch of puzzle pieces. We then had students write on the puzzle pieces what they thought MLK Jr.’s dream was, or what they thought peace was. They could write words or draw pictures…it was pretty open-ended. In the end, we took all of the puzzle pieces and put them together to show how all of us, no matter who we are or where we come from, fit together like a large puzzle.

For MLK’s birthday we had our 4-year-olds use their hands and paint. First, we talked about diversity and sharing. Then at the art table, the children chose their flesh tone from our paint supply and made a hand print. Then they were asked to pick another flesh tone that was different from theirs and their other hand print was in that color. We had them match up the thumbs on the paper for unity. It turned out really cute and the parents loved it!

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.