Mardi Gras Curriculum

Handsome Mardi Gras Mask: Trace Students hands so that the palms are connected. When you cut hands they are one piece with fingers spread out to the sides. Cut out eye holes, let students decorate, then add a large craft stick to the side of mask for students to hold. I add one gold, one green, and one purple piece of ribbon when I attach craft stick. These are very cute mask made from their own hand prints.

Paper Plate Masks 1. Cut a sturdy paper plate in half. 2. Staple a tongue depressor to the bottom right hand corner. 3. Cut a slot in the middle of the half plate to look through.

Present a smorgasbord of materials for the children to glue onto their mask. Mine consisted of feathers…wood shavings dyed range….yarn pieces….shiny papers….buttons… egg carton bumps… green Styrofoam pieces and brown curly nesting material. After the children glued these things onto their masks they could hold them up to their face Mardi Gras style. (<:)

Necklace painting:

*Take plastic Mardi Gras necklaces found in carnival sections of party stores and attach a clothespin

*place 3 trays of tempera (yellow, green and purple) on the table

*allow children to make beautiful artwork 😉

Mardi Gras Masks and Necklaces

Materials: Large Paper Plates Very sharp scissors (teacher use) Markers Crayons Glue Feathers Streamers Beads Waxed Cord Large Craft Sticks Stapler (teacher use)

Directions: Teacher-attach a craft stick to the bottom of each plate with the stapler. Use the scissors or an Exacto knife to cut out eye holes and a mouth on each paper plate mask. Let the children use the glue, feathers, crayons and markers or whatever else you may have around to decorate their masks. To make the bead necklaces: Teachers cut a length or waxed cord for each child. Tie a large knot in the end so the beads don’t fall off. Let the children string as many beads as they want/will fit on the cord and tie the ends together. Have your own masquerade ball/Mardi Gras party with the masks and necklaces that you have all made. My class had so much fun with this