Mardi Gras Curriculum

Mardi Gras Floats

Being from the New Orleans area, we very much are into Parades at this time of year. In my church related preschool, each class or individual student, decorates a shoe box as a float with a theme.

Ask the children to bring in shoeboxes from home. The can use the top of the box as the back of their float and turn the shoebox upside down and decorate it with purple, green and gold colors of Mardi Gras. The children can paint the shoebox or use construction paper and cover the entire box. We add beads and doubloons on our floats as decorations. Crepe paper work well also. We then display our floats in the school hallway on the day we have our School Mardi Gras Parade.

Mardi Gras Tambourines

Each student will need to decorate the outside of two paper plates. Cut triangles out of the rim to look like a star or sun shape. Place a handful of beans into the center of one paper plate and glue the edges together. Punch holes into some of the triangles and tie ribbons with beads on the ends. These make fun tambourines for the students to use.

Cut out two brown circle pieces of paper, have the child fill one side with cotton balls and then put the other one on top. Now you have a moon pie.

I teach preschool early intervention, and being from the Louisiana, I love Mardi Gras. One of the activities we do after talking about safety at a parade is “Throw Me Something Mister.” Take a small paper plate and make a face out of it. Using a sentence strip, fold the sentence strip in half but on an angle. Glue the strip onto the plate that has been decorated like a face, with the ends pointing up, to look like arms. The children then make a pattern using green, purple and yellow on the arms. You should end up with a figure with it’s arms in the air waiting for some throws. This makes a cute bulletin board.