Mardi Gras Curriculum

We have the children decorate a donut using purple, green, and gold granulated sugar. Each cake is decorated in the traditional Mardi Gras colors: purple represents justice, green represents faith and gold represent power.

The kids decorate their donut and then enjoy eating it.

Here’s another King Cake idea. You’ll need one plain glazed donut for each child, white frosting or powdered sugar icing, and granulated sugar colored green, purple, and yellow. Put each color of sugar into a sprinkle type spice bottle. Have the children spread the white frosting or icing on their donuts. Next have the children sprinkle some of each color of granulated sugar on their donuts.

If you have access to an oven you can make King Cakes using canned refrigerated cinnamon roll dough. Give each child a roll of dough and have them form it into a snake. Then arrange it on aluminum foil in a circle or oval shape. Bake as directed. Drizzle white icing on top of the baked shapes. Finally sprinkle green, yellow, and purple granulated sugar on top.

Make mini “king cakes” with your students! Purchase individual shortcake cups, and let each child fill his/her cup with vanilla pudding. If desired, place a toy figure or candy coin under the pudding (only with children old enough to watch out for it!). Mix a large batch of powdered sugar icing (powdered sugar and milk, until somewhat runny), and divide the icing into three smaller bowls. Tint the icing in one bowl purple, another yellow, and the last green. Let the kids use a spoon to drizzle each of the three colors of icing over their cakes, and enjoy! Very “sugary”, but Mardi Gras comes but once a year, right? We also have a baked potato lunch on “Fat Tuesday”.

Paper Bag King Cake
1 brown lunch bag per student
purple, green and yellow paint
glitter or dyed salt
plastic King Cake Babies

Show students how to roll bags down to form a ring (it is optional to cut out the bottom of the bag) and have students paint (sponge paint works best)
Mardi Gras colors in a pattern around the top of the rolled down bag. Sprinkle glitter or salt or colorful sprinkles on top.
Glue a king cake baby somewhere on each one. You can also make large ones using grocery size bags.