Manner Art

A good way to show manners is to cover your mouth when you sneeze. Take a paper plate and decorate it to look like a face. Have the child trace his hand and cut out. take a tissue and glue a section of it to the hand and then glue the hand to the face.

My pre-K class made manner’s books. I printing some clip art of children doing various things (standing in a line, eating, playing together, etc.). The children cut each out and glued it in their pre-made manner’s book. Then they dictated what manners the children in the picture were using.

On poster board print some “manner words” like please, thank you, your welcome… Let the children come in small groups to decorate the signs with glitter, markers, stickers… Hang these around the room to let the kids know that “manner words” make people feel special just like their art is.

Let the children do polite partner painting. Put out paints for the children to use with only one brush per color. Tell the children that they are going to paint one piece of paper together and share the paints politely.

Have each child trace a large circle on pink/peach paper, this will be their face. Each child should cut out the circle and use markers to draw their face on the circle. You can even have them glue on yarn for hair. Then have each child glue a tissue to the mouth area, and then glue a pre-cut hand on top of the tissue. This will help all of your friends remember to use a tissue and cover their mouth when they sneeze.