Manner Art

Trace child’s hand on construction paper. Child can color hand print, then put a dab of glue on to hand print, have child stick on a Kleenex. Write on paper, “Cover your sneeze please”. Its very easy and makes a great craft for pre-schoolers.

I teach a prek-4 class and for craft on manners, they cut out people in magazines who were using there manners, ex- a man opening a car door, or a restaurant door, children sitting properly at a table home/restaurant, etc. we clued it to construction paper and we hang it at our classroom to remind us of good manners.

I talked to my K-4 class about ways you can use your manners. Then we talked about how it makes you feel when you use manners. Happy-then I had all the children draw a picture of themselves. They drew happy children and we put them on a bulletin board that said” Using our manners make us Happy!”

My class did sneezing faces. I used a paper plate and the kids drew their face. You can use magazines to cut out eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. Add some hair with yarn or string. Then I traced their hand and glued it to the mouth of the paper plate with a tissue in between the hand and mouth. This makes a great class book during the cold and flu season.

Have children trace their handprint, decorate with markers, cut out, paste a tissue in palm of hand. This is Tissue Tina!