Magnet Art

Magnet Painting- Set a shallow box ( like the kind you would use for marble painting) on top of 4 blocks. (2 on each end). Put paper with 2 or 3 blobs of different colored paint on it, into box. Place magnet balls, paper clips, and other metal items in box. Have child swipe a bar magnet under the box. This will move the items and thus the paint in the box. They will be amazed that they are painting with no brushes! It sometimes takes some experimentation to find metal objects that work well for this experiment.

We love to paint in my classroom and to add a new spin on painting line the bottom of your water table with paper and take magnetic marbles dipped in different colors of paint and put them in there. Then let your kids use magnetic bingo wands to move the marbles around the paper to make a design. Works best with 2 children working together and be careful not to use to much paint!

Start by taking two small tables (or big it doesn’t matter as long as they’re the same size). Next, line them up parallel to each other but w/about two feet of space in-between. After this, take a large flat piece of clear plexi-glass (shatter proof stuff) put it over the two tables so it covers the gap on top. Take a few tempera paints and put them on top of the gap along w/ magnets. Now the kids can crawl under the table w/magnet wands and spread the paint w/o even touching it (all magnets)! When they’re done you can have the children keep taking turns or print their work on paper by lightly pressing a piece on top.