Luau Songs

Good Morning song

Good Morning, Good Morning good morning to you! Aloha Aloha and shaka to you.

Beach Towel Boogie: Have each child bring a beach towel and this is their spot for doing different activities, some were coloring, some were lacing fish etc. Tell the children to listen because when the music starts they get up and dance. When it stops they go back to doing their activity. Put some Beach Boy (or other surfing type music on) and have fun! The 3-5’s loved it.

“I’m a Little Hawaiian Child” (tune: I’m a Little Teapot) Hips sway and hands move to act out motions.

I’m a little Hawaiian child, Look at me, Living on an island in the sea. I like to dive and I like to swim. The fish and the seastars are my friends.

I’m a little Hawaiian child, Look at me, Climbing to the top of a cocoanut tree. I’ll pick a cocoanut to share with you, Kiwi and bananas and pineapple, too.

I’m a little Hawaiian child, Look at me, Dancing the hula, one, two, three. “Aloha” means hello and good-bye, too, So now I’ll say “aloha, aloha” to you.