Luau Snacks

We have a luau at the end of the week we learn about Hawaii. We ask each parent to send in a piece of fruit ( they often send more than just one). We wash it and have the children help prepare a fruit tray with the fruit cut up. All of the classes gather on the playground where we have set up table clothes end to end in one long table right on the grass. We have branches in the middle of the table and seashells for decorations. We have Hawaiian music playing and we all enjoy our feast.

For our Luau dinner, we make Hawaiian Ham. Cut up a ham (I’ve used a canned ham), get chunky pieces of canned pineapple, cook together & add Teriyaki Sauce. We also serve this w/ white rice and carrots.

On our “Last day Luau” we served frozen drinks with little paper umbrellas stuck in the glass. You can either use your favorite smoothie recipe or buy frozen concentrate. What a special treat for the last day of school.

Try introducing the children to different tropical fruits like fresh pineapple, papaya, star fruit or perhaps dried pineapple or mango. Chart their preferences.

My four year olds and I made a Hawaiian drink called Pali Punch. It is really good! All you do is combine orange juice, lemon juice, pineapple juice, and ginger ale together. It is a fun and easy Hawaiian treat.