Luau Games

Try a pineapple bowl-off. Using construction paper, draw a picture of a pineapple and tape/glue it to an empty pop bottle. (we did 5 bottles/pins) Use a coconut as your bowling ball and have fun! Later the coconut can be incorporated into the snack of the day.

Pin a coconut on a palm tree

Items needed: blind fold green and brown construction paper glue make pattern of leaves for palm tree and coconut and bottom (base of tree) Be sure to make your tree large enough. Have Fun!!!

Beach Ball Volleyball: Tape a badminton net or a sheet up across a room or area. One year we tied it to a stair rail and the other end to a coat rack. (Inside) One year we tied one end to a swing frame and the other to a tree. (outside) Have the children on teams and let them hit a beach ball over the net. We didn’t keep score and those that couldn’t hit it over, threw it.

Have the kids play the limbo. 2 kids could have the job of holding the stick or just a piece of rope while the other kids take turns seeing how low they can go.