Leaf Snacks

Use leaf-shaped cookie cutters to cut out leaves from refrigerated sugar cookie dough. Mix food coloring (fall colors) with milk in several small bowls. Before baking the cookies, use clean watercolor brushes to “paint” the cookies with the colored milk. (I typically remind the children to paint “very softly like a whispering wind”.)

Bake the cookies according to the package directions. When the cookies are done…they are beautiful! And yummy too!

Fall Toast

Take white bread and have students help put in toaster. Spread toast with peanut butter. Decorate it with a Fall tree by using two thin pretzel sticks or one short thick pretzel stick. Arrange them on bottom of bread. (this will be the tree trunk) Then take mini M&M’s and have students pick out the fall colored ones and place them on the top of the pretzels. (these become the leaves).

Use leaf cookie cutters with white bread to make leaf shapes. Put on cookie sheet and toast in oven for short time. Give the children strawberry and apricot jam to spread on their leaves so they turn into fall colors.

Ingredients: Different colors of Jell-O; Leaf shaped candy molds; No-Stick Vegetable Oil Spray; Cookie sheet or large cake pan

Make Jello-O Jigglers as directed on the back of the box. Spray the candy molds with non-stick vegetable oil spray. Place the molds on a cookie sheet or in a large cake pan (this is to catch the extra Jell-O). Have the children spoon the Jell-O Jiggler mix into the molds. Refrigerate until the Jell-O is firm. Turn the molds upside-down to get the leaves out. Enjoy!