Leaf Games

This game is simple but so much fun. My children have been playing it forever and never tire of it. The game is called “Never touched the ground”. The object of the game is to catch leaves as they fall out of the trees. The best scenario is a windy day. As the children catch the leaves they shout “never touched the ground!” You can have a time limit. The person with the most leaves wins. Great scrapbooking page!

Take the children outside to watch the leaves fall from the trees. Remind them to look at the leaves and listen to them too. When you take the children inside have them imitate the sounds and act like the leaf falling from the tree. Talking about how the leaf sways, asking questions about if the leaf falls hard or soft. Kids really enjoy pretending playing other creatures and things!

Leaf Match : Use a glue stick to glue leaves plucked from 4-6 different trees onto a poster board. Cover with clear contact paper/or laminate. Sandwich leaves of the same size and variety between two pieces of clear contact paper. Trim around each leaves leaving a ¼ ” sealed edge. Set the board and leaves on a tray. The children match the leaves.

Large And Small Leaves- Select leaves from nearby trees. Collect a large and small leaf from each tree. Press the leaves between two large books to flatten them. Protect the leaves by preserving them in wax or by placing them between two sheets of clear adhesive paper and trimming to within ¼-inch of the leaf. Place the larger leaves on the table. Place the smaller leaves in a box. Ask the child to select a leaf from the box and match it to its partner on the table.