Leaf Art

Caterpillar on a Leaf.

Cut a leaf shapes out of different shades of green construction paper. Have different colored pom-poms (the ones about the size of a penny) Have the children glue on about eight pom-poms onto what ever color leaf they chose. They now have their caterpillar on a leaf.

In the fall collect a variety of leaves. At the woodworking table place a block of wood on the table then place your leaf on top. Cover your leaf with a small scrap of white fabric, or muslin. Use hammers or small blocks to bang on the fabric. The colors from the leaves comes out on the fabric. This also works with flowers.

Leaf printing using a brayer. Cover area with newspaper. Find large leaves with profound veins. Roll brayer in paint and coat back of leaf. Flip leaf onto paper and rub gently. Any age may find success in manipulating a brayer. Enjoy!