Leaf Art

Trace the child’s forearm and fingers on brown paper for a tree trunk and branches. Cut it out if you like, glue it to white const. paper and sponge paint fall colored leaves. Even our youngest ones really get into it!

Go on a nature hike to collect colorful leaves (it works best if you go a day after a rain so that the leaves are a bit flexible but not soaked). Inside have the kids draw a picture of a “winter tree” (no leaves). When they are done with that, they can glue on the leaves they collected in order to make it an “autumn tree.”

Take coffee filters and cut into the shapes of leaves. Provide cups of liquid watercolors in orange, yellow, red, and brown. Have children use eye droppers to place watercolors on the filter leaves. The colors blend together for wonderful fall leaves. Create a tree trunk out of brown wrapping paper or butcher paper. Add leaves to the branches and also at the base of the tree. My 2 1/2 year olds loved this creation. Everyone was successful!

I purchased several white tiles from a hardware store(10-30 cents a piece). We went outside and collected leaves. Using double sided tape attach leaves to tile. Have children sponge paint around the leaf (use a ceramic paint-my kids wore gloves for this one because the paint can be difficult to wash off). When dry remove leaf and tape. Coat with a ceramics top coat. Hot glue ribbon around edges of tile, and also glue squares of felt to bottom. Add child’s name and date. Makes a great coaster- they gave them as gifts for grandparents day!

Since our theme was families and it was fall, we went out for a nature walk to gather all different kinds and colors of leaves. We brought them back and used them to make collages of our families (ie. small round leaf for the head, longer wider leaf for the body and thin narrow leaves for the arms and legs). The kids had a blast and the parents liked them, too. This project combines art, science, and literacy since I had the children dictate to me at the end of the project something about their family.