Last Day Of School Curriculum

One of our last major activities for the school year is our “Day at the Movies.” We turn our classroom into a Movie House. Chairs are set up in rows (like at the theater). Children sell tickets, popcorn, candy, etc. We have ushers (with real flashlights), and a ticket booth (our booth is a cardboard house we painted earlier this school year). Each child is given a job to perform. Some help set up the room, bag popcorn and candy, sell tickets, etc. Because everyone wants to be the ticket seller, we make it fair by drawing names from a hat for each job. The most exciting part of this project comes when all the children are seated and the movie starts. To their surprise, the movie is a video tape I take of them throughout the school year playing in centers, outside, and during various small group activities. This day of fun is always special and ends the year on a happy and fun note.