Last Day Of School Curriculum

We have an end of the year picnic for our students and their family members. This year one of the moms volunteered to have her high school music class provide entertainment for us.

At the end of the year, we plan on having an art show for the parents. In order to have the kids help me collect art, they each have a box (that they decorated themselves) this is their “art gallery.” They choose which pieces of artwork they want to take home and which ones they want to place in their gallery for the show at the end of the year. It will hopefully push them to take more pride in their work and really think about what they are doing and what they can do to make it better.

My idea is for the end of the year, as a gift to the children and also their parents. I take pictures of the children during the school year doing different things, showing different expressions if possible. Then I cut and mount them on poster-board. Under each picture write a funny blurb about the situation, then if the space permits in the center write encouraging sayings, e.g.. “Never , Never, Never Quit”- Winston Churchill. Then laminate or put contact paper to protect. I personally prefer laminating. I think this is a life keeper.

We have a toilet paper party. All the kids bring a couple of rolls of toilet paper and then they get to wrap up anything that doesn’t move, throw it or anything else they want. It is most fun of course to wrap the teacher but the kids have a blast and even the cleaning up part is fun for them.

What better way of ending the school year than by having a Super Soak Day on the last day of school. You, the teacher, must provide the balloons to fill with water and little spray bottles. You can also use a small wading pool and accessories for the kids to play inside the pool. Remember: the Teacher has to get wet, too.