Lamb Art

Make a lamb face on a paper plate. Cut ears from construction paper and glue them to the sides. Cover lamb face with cotton balls.

Paper plate lamb face

You’ll need:

cotton balls, self adhesive eyes, or sticker “eye” sheets, small paper plates, black construction paper, small pom-poms (optional) and white chalk or a “silver” sharpie or marker.

Cut circles out of the construction paper that will fit inside the center of the plate only. Cut two smaller circles out that will become ears and set them aside. Add the sheep “cheeks” by drawing 2 “J”s back to back in the middle of the black circle with the sharpie or the chalk. At the top of the “J”s glue one pom-pom or cotton ball. Glue other cotton balls around the outside of the large circle that has been glued to the plate. Glue the 2 small circles onto the cotton balls where the ears would go. Stick on the eyes. Done!

Cut out lamb shapes on black or white construction paper. Mix shaving cream and white glue until the consistency is thick. You can color the paint with powdered tempra or food coloring. Using fingers, paint the sheep with the glue mixture. When dry the sheep will have a puffy coat. We painted these in pastel colors and had them jumping over a fence across our wall for a spring theme. Very cute!

Trace the child’s hand on black construction paper. Cut out and turn it so the fingers face down. Glue cotton balls all over leaving just the black tips of the fingers and thumb visible. Add a googly eye to the thumb and you have a lamb.

Cut out basic lamb shape (either a big one for the whole class or individual) Give children plenty of glue and cotton balls, add some google eyes and the kids made a “baby sheep” or lamb.

Provide children with sturdy white paper lamb shapes. Give them a large supply of cotton balls along with 2 googly eyes and 2 black paper ears. Put out pans of white glue with brushes. Have children cover lamb shape in glue and practice small motor skills by covering lamb shape in cotton balls and adding ears and eyes to finish.