Ladybug Songs

Lady Bug Song

I got this song from a co-teacher who got it from somewhere else, but I liked it and my kids loved it. The first thing we did was we made ladybugs about 1 inch around out of black and red felt. For the next week we sang this song using our homemade ladybugs

Tune: three blind mice Lady bugs fly fly, fly, fly they fly over here, they fly over there, they fly up high and they fly down low, around and around and around they go, they fly really fast, and they fly really slow, lady bugs fly. (make your ladybug do what the song says),


Five little ladybugs sitting in a tree
The first one said,” I’m glad I’m me”
The second one said, “I feel great too”
The third one said,” How about you?”
The fourth one said,” It’s time to fly away”
The fifth one said,” We’ll talk another day”