Ladybug Art

Here’s an easy ladybug! paint 1/2 of a paper plate red. Add black dots using a q-tip, glue “L” shaped legs along the straight edge of the paper plate. Add a black construction paper circle for a head and 2 thin red strips for antennas. Add a wiggle eye and you’ve got some pretty little ladies!

Have a large leaf pattern ready for the children, you can use one large one for the whole class or individual patterns for each child. Have the children dip there fingertips in red paint and press them on their leaf, when dried dot a black marker on the red spots and viola you have fingerprint ladybugs!

Here is a cute idea to make Ladybugs. On white paper, have the kids make 1-6 black spots with a black crayon. Then dip a potato that has been cut in half into red paint. Press the potato over the black dots. They can them make a head above the paint. These turn out very nice.

Paper plate lady bugs: Take two small paper plates. Have child paint one paper plate. Take the second paper plate and cut in half. Have the child paint these two halves then fasten them onto the one paper plate. With the fastener the two halves should be able to move. These are the ladybugs wings. You can have children add any eyes you choose.