Kitten Snacks

For kitten snacks, I put dry Cheerios in a little bowl on the floor (like dry cat food) and have the children eat out of the bowl on their hands and knees. It’s hard for them to stop laughing!

For this activity you will need bread, grapes, pretzels, cheese, and a circle cookie cutter. Have the children cut out a round head out of a piece of bread. Cut the grapes in half from top to bottom so you have a oval shape. Have each child take three oval shapes and put on a nose and two eyes. The small pretzels can be used for whiskers and you can cut the cheese into triangles and have the children grab two for ears. They now have a kitten snack made from healthy food and shapes.

Rice cake for kitten face. Spread p-butter or cream cheese on,make triangles for ears, shoelace licorice for whiskers,green M&M’s for eyes.Or use your imagination!